I LOVE beauty hacks but…

We are so programmed by marketers to think we need a slew of different products for complicated, time consuming and decidedly expensive grooming routines.  So of course it’s kind of cool to discover simple hacks like the ever-popular  “just use supermarket coconut oil as your moisturizer.”  It’s true, unless you have a particular aversion to coconut oil from the supermarket, or you have experienced some type of negative reaction having tried it, there’s no better moisturizer.  Yes.  We need to think independently, filter out the thousands of nonsense marketing images that we are confronted with daily.  Wait.  Am I suggesting throw away a ton of expensive skincare products and get a tub of coconut oil from the market?  Not so fast; there is a happy medium.

But first…

Coconut oil is also a good moisturizer for your entire body.  Your nails.  Your hair.  Your scalp.  And since it’s such a versatile, natural and safe lubricant, well it’s a natural and safe lubricant.  Also, like other common household oils, it is a superior makeup remover.  And if it removes makeup, well it makes sense that it also removes waxy and greasy scuffs on appliances, countertops and floors for example.  Used on non porous surfaces it will clean and shine like the best of them.  A perfect, versatile product.

So why spend time and money on anything else?   It’s a matter of personal preference(s), not efficacy.

You might prefer a product with more, or less, “slip,” or something very thin that leaves no “sheen.”  You might benefit from an active ingredient built into your moisturizer to help combat spots and discoloration (Vitamin C for example) or wrinkles (Vitamin A).  Perhaps a little more rich, practically weightless, and/or the knowledge that “no anything” was harmed during manufacturing, or that there are no known negative effects or allergies.  Maybe you are simply not in love with a vat of salad-dressing-aisle product in your vanity or boudoir area.

It’s reasonable that you may well just like the assurance of an expert that you are using the ideal moisturizer for your particular self.  Though I can mix my own cosmetic products if I were willing to put up with the time and mess of it all, I am happy to stop and spend a few bucks to get it from experts who know best.  It’s more efficient and thus sensible.  Doesn’t mean I couldn’t make it with basic household ingredients but there’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple in our ever busy, often too complicated culture.

That’s where mCeuticals™ comes in.  Healthy, effective, responsible.  Reliable skincare products formulated and produced with a commitment to fair prices so that we all benefit.  Lmk if you are curious about a beauty hack or have a question about skincare, makeup and that kind of stuff.  Always love to hear from you.


You can learn more and reach me here: #mCeuticals.com

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